Yukarı Çık

Name of Package

Bariatric (Obesity) and Metabolic Surgery
Type of weight surgery will be decided by doctor according to patient’s medical condition.


Gastric Bypass: 8.000 USD
Mini Gastric Bypass: 6.000 USD
Sleve Gastrectomy: 10.000 USD
Intragastric balooon: 4.000 USD
Metabolic surgery: 16.000 USD
Gastric Plication: 7.000 USD
Gastric Band Surgery: 5.000 USD
Duodenal Switch Surgery: 10.000 USD
SADI-S: 10.000 USD


  • Transfers Airport – Hotel - Airport
  • Examination and Pre-operative tests
  • Hospital Stay (3-4 days)
  • Luxury hotel accommodation (3 to 7 days)
  • Post-operative follow-up visit
  • Professional dietician forming a special diet
  • 24/7 on-call assistance service
  • 24/7 Translation Services (on-call at nights)
  • Bosphorus Tour (to be arranged)
  • Shopping Tour (to be arranged)
  • Religious Tour (to be arranged)




Send Treatment Request

If you had decided treating yourself from obesity, you should fill in the free consultation and patient’s medical history forms. One of our team will contact you and provide you with the treatment plan in details.



Travel Organization

Your personal assistant will contact you and organize with you your travel needs such as welcoming you in the airport, hotel reservation, hospital appointments, transfer, ..etc.



Arrival Day (1st day)

You will be transferred from the airport to the hospital to have your appointment and do all the pre-operative tests. After that, you will be taken to the hotel and enjoy the rest of the day in Istanbul. FREE Bosphorus Tour Ticket will be giving to you from WhereToCure.



Hospital Admission (2nd day)

The admission procedures will be done and you will get operated in the same day. A private translator will be with you during the whole treatment process to assist you and make the treatment procedures easier.



Follow-up Examination (Starts from the 3rd day)

After the operation is done the doctor will explain to you how did your operation go. The next day you will have your first follow-up examination. Your private assistant will be in touch with to make sure that all your needs are well given.



Follow-up and Examination (Starts from the 3rd day)

On the day you will be discharged, you will be given all your medications and then transferred to the hotel. Your private assistant will be in touch with to make sure that all your needs are well satisfied.



Enjoying Turkey

After discharging, you will be free to enjoy being in Turkey. Doing shopping or even visiting Turkey’s landmarks. Your assistant will be in contact with always to assist you.



Last Follow-up Examination

Before returning back to your country, you will be examined one more time to make sure that you are in a healthy situation. You will receive all your medical reports in English.



Returning Back Home

After finishing all the procedures, You will be taken to the airport. All the support will be given if you needed while you are in the airport and even after arriving to your home. your assistant will be in contact with you to answer all your questions.

Note: The number of days for hospitalisation and staying in the hotel changes depending on the weight surgery type.
Besides improving their life quality, patients having a weight surgery have many benefits after the surgery. Some of these benefits are:

  • Controlled Type 2 Diabetes
  • Regular blood pressure
  • Improved Cholesterol level
  • Solved Sleep Apnea problem
  • Better look and gained self-confidence